Going on 22 and im still a virgin and I feel like shit?

I know its stupid, but i realised its only 4 month untill my birthday and im still a virgin and still haven't had a boyfriend yet.

I never imagined myself being this "old" and never had sex. I have had several chances of losing it, been on dates with several guys, but since non of the guys was my boyfriend i didn't sleep with them.

at the age of 19 i was thinking that i would get laid by the age of 20. Age of 20 i was thinking i "should" happen before the age of 22.

For me sex and a relationship goes hand in hand, so when i write sex i mean sex within a relationship. im nornally not bothered, because i know at some point i'll meet the right guy, but i can barely date so it seems like i have to wait a couple of years. I feel sad because close to everyone around me dates, have relationship and have sex, and im kinda left out in away.

Im not waiting untill marriage or the "perfect guy", i just want it to be a sweet guy who cares about me and whom im dating.

It just feels odd to be my age, going on 22 and not have had sex. Mostly because i get attention, i get approached and i dont think im ugly nor a horrible person.

Its an completely unrational "fear" or feeling, but i kinda feel like a loser almost. Any advice on how to not give a flying fuck?


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  • Yeah "sex and a relationship goes hand in hand" not necessarily... you don't need to wait for the "right guy" to have sex... you need to open your mind. you don't need to date someone to have sex ok hun?

    • i wrote FOR ME which means im not talking for everyone, just myself. Why dont I need to wait or the "right guy" because you say so? Im open minded, but i still have standars. Wanting the guy to care about me and my feelings, and me trusting him is not being close minded

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  • hey it's ok to feel that way, I used to but I got tired of waiting at 17 😀
    you don't have to answer me just ask yourself if you're idealising too much this guy you've never met, you may not be as open as you think to opportunities
    chose a guy you find interesting and focus on him, I realized some people are really different once you get to know them and who knows.. you may find The Guy lol good luck 👍


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  • Stop beong picky and stop being fat and or ugly get a personality and guys would apporach u.

    Or u might be so pretry that guys are scared to approach u

    • im not picky just because im waiting for a guy i trust. im not fat nor ugly, and guys do approach me, just not the guys i want

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  • Nope, either you're going to lose it or you're not. You're standards are your standards. If you don't want to change them, then you'll just have to deal with it.

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