What are your pet peeves?

mine are:
-sexist and racist people
-people that fake their ages online. (you're 40, not 19!)
-people who are too attached. (personal space!)
-when people are fake. (i'd rather them talk bs about me in front of my face with honesty.)
-when people have bad grammar.
-when people ignore me.
-i might as well just hate people, since the "when people" list goes on and on. but ayy nobody's perfect.


Most Helpful Guy

  • -People who post with HORRIFIC grammar, and not knowing the Homonyms!!
    You're, Your and their, there and they're!!
    -People that post ignorant nonsense, then call you names, and are totally D-bags, when you post a sensible rebuttal, with references that they don't have!
    -people that post and call women horrible names, and chastise them for their questions!!
    -People that post disrespectful, racist, or sexist things, as 'ANONYMOUS'!!


Most Helpful Girl

  • •people who think they know it all
    •people who pick on other people
    •people who are to loud, and then you tell them to talk softly, but they become even louder. Like seriously?
    •people who cuss
    •people who don't know you to put their words together to make a good sentence
    •yes, and just like you people who fake their ages online, sexist and racist people, and when people are fake.


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What Guys Said 11

  • -Girls who call things that aren't creepy "Creepy"
    -People who pick on weird people
    -Guys who are huge and can't stop bragging about how much they can bench but you wanna know who I hate even more?
    -Guys who aren't very muscular but are always talking about how much they can bench.
    -Weird people
    When someone pronounces the word leg "leag" or instead of saying egg they say "eaagg"
    -That "real people not actors" ad Chevrolet did where those incredibly annoying actors were talking about the car and there was a big screen with emoji's
    -Fortune cookies that give stupid advice that is sometimes vague and meaningless, what happened to fortunes?
    -California emission standards on cars, specifically mine. I now have 4 oxygen sensors as opposed to one or two. It's an $80 part that has to be replaced every so often.
    -Black girls with crazy hairstyles. I don't know what the fuck you people are doing, but it looks like your trying to have a contest who can have the most obnoxious hairstyles.
    -People who think that because I'm 50% black my previous statement is less racist.
    -People who think things that aren't racist are racist.
    -How young girls think their so mature and yet they tend to have the emotional intelligence of a peanut.
    -How most guys don't seem to understand there is such a thing as emotional intelligence.
    -People who say "Look, it says gluten free" and they show me something like fucking pudding!!
    -How dirty my laptop gets. . . I don't even really take it anywhere!
    -Bill O'rielly ( I refuse to dignify his name with a spellcheck) I'm a conservative and I think he's annoying as shit. There's a skit on SNL where he interviews the president and it captures almost everything I hate about him.
    -When packages don't arrive at my house within 2 hours of noon (when they normally show up)
    -Theatre kids
    -People in college that are musicians
    -Anyone who thinks weed is some kind of miracle plant that only does good and cures all ailments.
    -faggots, and I'm not talking about the gay ones
    -A whole lot of other shit


  • Smokers. Not sure if it's a pet peeve or a seething hatred >.<

  • Lmao nobody's said it yet

    When people misgender me

  • When people displace my stuff. Stay off my stuff.

  • People who are unknowingly selfish.

  • Everything is fine except the bad grammar one, That's just snooty as hell :P

  • When people hate my religion , I get upset.

  • Great list - I would add "Rude" and "Arrogant" to the list

  • ur age says 13 when did u get to meet sexist or fake people
    i'm sorry i just can't take u seriously
    u need stop hating and remove all that bad energy from ur brain it will do u more harm than good trust me
    please grow up to be an open and awesome person don't let negativity affect u

    • Welcome to the 21 century... 😂😂😂

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    • **sighs**
      I know right.
      Grown ups will never truly understand, but what can we do, but play along with them. -_-

    • I love how rockid who is like 18 doesn't know 13-year-olds are online too which is a lie because I know for a fact he probably been online at 13. The trolling here sucks.

  • The last part explains why people ignore you but I agree people shouldn't be racist or any other isms or phobias.

  • females are my pet peeve.. theyre nothing more than incubators


What Girls Said 11

  • -people that fake their ages online. (you're 40, not 19!)
    - racist people
    -people who blank me
    -people who look down apon other people because they are younger *cough @rockid ahem*
    -selfish people
    -rude people
    -people who don't flush
    -people who chew with their mouth open

  • -people responding to a serious question with "nope"
    -hypocritical behavior "You need to be more neat" -they leave trash on counter for days.
    -loud people in the computer lab, enough said, we're all there to learn... or should be
    -this is not a pet peeve, I don't know what to call it. But this lady at the campus food store irks me. The set up is divided so the chips I want are in a different area than the fridge with milk and drinks. But each station has a register. If I get chips from the chips section and leave to get some cheese from the fridge section (all one enclosed space), she'll say "I can ring you up here." *in an 'alert, customer I see you with those chips!' tone-and it's like... there's a register over there... I'm literally walking in the direction of a register. I have never stolen dollar chips, I don't think I'm gonna do so now. The last time I just kept walking and yelled "I need something else"

  • -yelling
    - using period as an excuse for being cranky and rude to others

    • i know right, yelling is so annoying!
      like just talk normally, we can all hear you!

  • I hate the sound of styrofoam being rubbed together and when certain people touch my neck it drives me crazy. The thing is it's not when everyone touches my neck but only when some people do.

  • - When someone is sexist, racist, or homophobic
    - People trying to touch me without permission and without being my SO
    - People who do not respect teachers or parents
    - People who are fake or are a completely different person in front of certain people
    - When people are arrogant
    - When people are generally rude or make others feel bad

  • snoring lol

  • -Wet wet towels left on the bathroom floor
    -When the toilet seat if left up
    -Wet most things on the floor such as laundry
    -Dirty dishes left in the sink

  • Honestly I probably hate fake people the most. There's especially this one guy who ticks me off so much because it's obvious that he's only nice to me because he likes me. He's rude and downright condescending to everyone else and I don't know what makes him think that by holding the elevator open for me and closing it in the face of the next person who tries to get in would make me impressed in any way.
    I also really hate tryhards and people who think that they're so smart or so special or something like that. Also people who think that Taiwan belongs to China, because fuck you. Stop thinking that everything belongs to you.
    Also slightly irked by people who make horrible, horrible jokes and thinking that they're absolutely hilarious, people who only talk to me when they need help on their homework (and ignore me the rest of the time), creepy catcallers, Trump supporters who have no idea what they're even talking about (I'm fine with them if they have a legitimate reason for voting for him, and not just "a woman isn't qualified to be president." I'm also not a Hillary supporter, but you know what I mean). Bad grammar, but especially people who say "would of," "could of," "should of," etc. That shit pisses me off so much.
    Weird pet peeves: people who say a "straight line" (all lines are straight. please stop) or "fat/skinny parabolas" (parabolas look different based on zoom, so they only open faster or slower and are never "skinny" or "fat"). I'm a math major lol

  • ... when people break into my kitchen and take my mayo and use it as lube without even bothering to replace it. Like, just put some of it back when you're done, I need at least some to dip my hot pockets in. Ffs guys.

  • When people don't simplify fractions. I don't know why but whenever I hear "4 out of 10 people..." I want to scream.

  • When I hold the door for someone and the don't say thank you. Omg! Really pisses me off!

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