How can I gain weight?

so.. I wear size one in jeans today all of sudden my jeans been kinda lose. I've been trying to gain weight ever since. My mother believes I got the genetic from my dad whose always skinny. I hate being refer skinny. I mean I'm in the middle.. but my weight needs to go up and need to add muscle to my stomach. I'm 16 and 5'2 and about...105 lbs the last time I checked which was back in June?

my mother says i need to eat more. Honestly I've been trying. but I can't take homemade meals to school.


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  • You are perfect as you are right now. Don't worry; life will age you and put on those pounds for you...

    • Hopefully. I would hate to lose those extra pounds because I was just loving how I looked.

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  • Eat healthy and exercise. Your body is still growing. I'm 100% sure someone will want you the way you are.

    • So, at times age can lose weight and gain weight?

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