Medical claim and bill? Please help?

So I'm 9/3/2016 I had a hospital visit. I got the bill like last week. The bill is for like 633. I called my insurance because I had a question about something else
they read me all my claims and it was a bunch of different numbers. I looked online and I only have one claim for 40 bucks! My claim for the hospital bill is not there
what the heck
please explain


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  • It's only been a month. That's not very long for this stuff. Sometimes the claims will be submitted that soon, but they can also drag on for months. Sometimes it can even take over a year. It will take even longer if you have multiple insurances.

    Also, the bill can be broken up into several parts which could arrive months apart. For example different doctors, lab tests, the hospital itself, X-rays --- they can all be submitted separately.

    Are you sure the bill you got is really a bill? They send things that look like a bill, but they aren't. They are more informational so you know what's being submitted to insurance.

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      Well I looked online st my claims and one claim was the same amount of bill I got online

    • OK. Well it looks like the process has started. So just give it time. Also you can call the hospital or insurance company either one. They'll have people who specialize in this stuff. That's their job to talk to people and explain the process to them. But from the sounds of it, I don't think you have anything to worry about at this point.

      What will probably happen is that insurance will only pay part of it. You might have a co-payment, but you will not be liable for the remainder of the bill. Legally you are liable for the entire amount, BUT the hospital will almost certainly accept the lower amount paid by insurance as full payment. Hospitals almost never get the full amount.

      For example if the bill is 600, insurance might only pay 250. You will have to pay your regular co-payment, but you won't ave to pay the 350 that was not paid by insurance. The hospital will accept the 250 as full payment.

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  • You got a bill already? Your insurance provider has not processed the bill yet. Do not pay until you get an EOB (explanation of benefits) which shows what they all paid for that hospital visit and what you have to pay. Thats one greedy ass hospital sending you a bill already. Usually you don't get them for a couple of months after everything has cleared. It may be different for a hospital visit compared to a regular doc visit cuz the doc office has your insurance on file. What did your insurance provider say? Did you ask them how long it will be or if they could see it pending? When you went into the hospital did you give them your insurance information?


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