What do you miss about your childhood?

I mostly miss the food, video games and family.

The Food was so good growing up...
McDonald's, Fast Food, The Pepsi, The Coke... Everything tasted so awesome back in the day!
I miss Pepsi Blue and the "Big Extra" from MD's.

Video Games Growing up...
Games were all about offline fun! No FPS! Just you and the Computer... Super Mario, I miss playing Need For Speed Underground, GTA SA, and just having hours of fun on the PS2.

Don't get me wrong, Call of Duty is fun too! But there is just so much of the experience missing.

It seems like in the 90s and 00's Family spent more time together, did things together... talked more... Now now one cares anymore, everyone is so busy! Families barely get together for Christmas!

Maybe it's because we are so plugged into our technology? I didn't have a cellphone until I graduated High School and that is just when the iPhone One came out...

Also I miss the TV shows... Malcom in The Middle, King of the Hill, and The Simpsons... That was it...

We didn't have PVRs to record, guides to see what was coming on... It was all a surprise and if you missed something, you couldn't see it again... Most people didn't even have a computer or internet the time!


What do you miss about your childhood?


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  • I miss the fact that as a child my mind wasn't so polluted with the awareness of how the world really is, like racism, sexism, bullying, sex trafficking, war, economic crisis, etc. As a child you mostly care for what toy you're gonna get that you saw on TV during commercials, or went to spend time with your friend again, and candy.

    • Ignorance is bliss :) But it seems like the problems are worse nowadays.

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  • Well, I miss my old friends, the fun times, video games and all. But my childhood was not as pleasant as my adult life. I come from a family of a lot domestic issues. There was always arguments, threats of divorce up till my mother's death recently, getting almost thrown out and nearly homeless, a lot I don't want to really remember but have to face everyday. The bad more so out weighed the good. But I still love my family.

  • Family vacations at my aunt and uncles cottage in Scotland. We had great times there. I have some wonderful memories. We would go out at midnight looking for wildlife. There was a steam and woods situated at the bottom of the garden. It was such a tranquil place. I'd live there if i could

  • No bills, innocence, no cares in the world...


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