50 million dollars being offered to do one of these things which would you do?

Do Krokodil Dragonfly and PCP everyday for a year straight. The drugs are free

Fight 2 grizzlies with a 22 six shot revolver with only 4 bullets.

Drink a gallon of gasoline mixed with bleach

Go into a Hell's Angels bar, lock the door behind you and say "I'm a snitch and I'm going to put cases on all of you bitches" And then take a swing at one of them.

LOL crickets


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  • the fourth is the one I'd probably survive.
    They aren't going to believe that some nerdy 21 year old is a snitch, I'd get beat up but 50 million will ease the pain

  • I will take my chance on #2.

  • I'd do the 2nd and 4th one.

    • Why not the others?

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    • Ever seen a grizzly,
      These things shake off anything less than a.357 magnum.

    • @Waffles731 There's a story of a girl drilling a grizz with a single 22 shot. Clean through the brain, all bout that shot placement. If I can't land those shots under duress I can always hit it with the gun 😂