Being new to GaG, will someone explain blocking?

If party A blocks party B, but B does not block A can A still read posts and opinions written by B? Even though B can't see A's writings? Thank u for answers to help a newbie


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  • Considering I've been blocked by many people, people I don't even think I've ever spoken to, blocking basically works that you can't see the person you've blocked, but they can see you, your posts, etc.

    However, as the "blockee", I'm unable to reply to the people that have blocked me.


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  • blocking here is not like on facebook. you still see everything. blocking only prevents direct interaction and tagging. If you block me (and I recommend it if you're a feminist :) ) it just means I cannot post a response to something you say. but you'd still see all my other posts.

    • I am NOT a feminist at all. So if someone blocks me, I can't share an opinion or send a message directly, but if I post questions they still see them, and I can see their opinions too?

    • So if I get blocked, the blocker can still see my questions etc, I just can't write answers or opinions to them or message them? But we could potentially both share opinions on the same question?

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