How do I meet more people?

I'm all pretty and I feel as though my youth is going by with no friends or boys around.

I want to go outside and meet new people. Not sure how to do that?


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  • get hobbies you'll find people alike that way. If you don't value it that much just go chill in local parks, beaches, pubs or where ever you can find people.

  • are you in college? judging from anon 18-24

    if you're in college just talk with classmates/go to events

    if you're not in college, get a job and talk/hang out with coworkers

    • coworkers are not interesting at all. They bore me.

    • so you met new people but you really don't like any of them, and you never made any friends in college to hang out with and go places?

  • how old are you? are you in high school college?

    • D0ne university.

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    • also what interests do you have?

    • I went through something similar especially since I was new in the country, I say find out what do you like what interests do yo uhave? check out places for example if you like athletic clubs etc. Consider volunteering, that''s a good thing and it makes you feel usefull.

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