What does your bedroom look like? Pics if you dare?

My little den of debauchery

What does your bedroom look like? Pics if you dare!?

Crappy photo, try this

i. imgur. com/tfCgtW8. jpg

Post as is! Messy and all!


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  • All these people with clean and polished rooms 😱
    Welp, alright. Here goes nothing.

    My drumset in the corner:
    And the rest of my room:
    Pardon the mess. My room isn't particularly large but still has various cables and musical equipment running throughout it. I've gotten pretty good at hopping over things 😂

    Note I have no overhead lights on my glorious popcorn ceiling so I have a vintage 90s lamp on my 1960s dresser to compliment my retro 80s desk lamp.


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