What do you think about those musical. ly ,, stars"?

I personally think that it's kind of weird... I mean... People are famous because of moving hands to the music. Sure, some of musical. lys are cool, like dancing, or doing magic tricks, but most of them are just girls (or boys) moving their hands to music. What is the purpose of that app?
Sure, some people are talented, but some are famous just because they look good.


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  • The app is suppose to give people hope and make them happy. Everybody has different type of talent and things they are great and good at. Some people work hard to be famous and with others it is very easy.

  • Maybe you dont know now but maybe you will know on you growing load.
    Like older do some weird sport that is for part of body old they do it for comfortable. So maybe you will do the same, you will know it at that time in side of memory picture.
    Music is so, when you get bored everything is empty you will know it. Now you just watch it so you still do not get bored enough.
    It is really I fall into dark room there is nothing
    I start it and know it. Most of people did not walk throught it but they are nature to do it. So they will think you are stupid though they dont know the journey


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