Do guys prefer upfront girls?

The guy I'm talking to seems shy,
It's been a month and we've made plans to hang out but not definite set in stone plans.
Do guys like girls who take things into their own hands and ask when they're gonna hang out? Or do they want that 'power'(for lack of better word).
I don't want him to feel bad cause he's been working hard since we've started talking.


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  • Please god yes. This girl asked me if I was single and do I want to hang out. I didn't know how she felt about me until she said something. I admire that. I didn't think not once she's taking lead. I thought she knew good communication was and we got an understanding.

    • How do I ask him when we're gonna hang out without making him feel bad that he has to work? Or even text me more without him feeling bad.
      I get he's busy but he has to have some down time, right? It makes me and my friends think he has someone else too...

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    • I've tried that-and we say next time he's free (cause I only work days) and something gets in the way like he gets called in.. I just want him to put effort in even if it's a little bit.

    • I would say put your foot down and ask for a little of his time. If not then it's best you two keep ya distance until he's perfectly available.

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  • I cannot speak for all guys but this guy likes strong women who do not pussy foot around. I like direct communication with no games. I am not a mind reader. Hey but thats me.

  • YES PLEASE! It would make everything so much easier!

  • you can take things into your own hands and encourage him to participate.


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