How can I get my mom to stop using proxies to contact with me?

When I was in HS my parents decided to send me to a mental hospital for a bout of depression but I refused so they had the police drag me there in handcuffs. They said that they were doing it to "help" me but according to a counselor all the "help" did was make my depression loose and leave me with PTSD. I implicitly cut off contact with them when I moved out. Later when things got very bad the expereince made me afraid to seek help. The second depressive episode spiralled out of control and led me to attempt suicide. I only survived because I ended up throwing up the overdose and I woke up in a puddle of vomit in the woods where I went to die and no one knew about it. But when my mom asked me to visit her when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer I told her to fuck off an rot. I reviewed my records and it was apparent that they lied to the staff to get me admitted. After much consideration I decided to at least give her a chance to know for sure if she lied. She said that she did exaggerate my symptoms and it was because when I was young they took my sister to a hospital and they denied her admission but a few days later she committed suicide and they were afraid after that. But I can't for the life of me figure out why they were sad about what happened to her. She hated them and was always yelling and getting in fights with them. Her suicide note even said: mom and dad: FUCK YOU! But then I told her about my suicide attempt and I said "I hope you're proud of yourself, now just die already; you're already a month past due". But she keeps getting new phone numbers, email addresses and uses people I know to try to contact me and it's getting really annoying. Any idea on how I can get this to stop?


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  • Yes tell these people that you're done with your parents. Period. You don't have to explain yourself to these people who are trying to contact you for your mom. I'm sorry for what you've been through I really am. It's too late to try to fix what they've done to you so do your best to move forward by telling everyone exactly how you feel. Best wishes to you.


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