Is my 'sister' feeling insecure or jealous? She is being distant and rude for no reason?

My sister has at many times shown that she is capable of feeling insecure, but I've never known whether it was a legitimate jealousy.

This is especially if it comes to any kind of comparison between the two of us.

She had a great job which she got laid off from 5 years ago and she hasn't worked since then. I just started work and it's not in a good place but it keeps me busy.

I emailed her saying we should go out on Friday and where she was etc. I got a one line email 2 days later saying, "I moved back to the city." No explanation whatsoever, and she didn't say sorry I just got this, etc.


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  • Doubt she's jealous. She sounds more depressed. Go check on her.

    • She isn't a good person and has tried making me miserable enough times.

      I started work last week. Isn't it suspicious that the very next week Monday she moves out of the house?

      When I reached out to her on Friday saying I hadn't seen her around, where was she, and we should go out very politely, her response was blunt and made no mention of plans.

      Hence you can see how I'd conclude that she is feeling insecure right now.

    • No, it's not and you sound very selfish right now. All I hear from you is 'me me me me me' but your sister needs you to be there. Most depressed people tend to go off in hiding and try not to see people because they think what's best is to be alone and it's not. She's depressed and you need to find her and visit her or send someone over to check on her.

    • My sister lied to me for over a year about a job that she had gotten laid off at. This is knowing full well that I declined a major business school offer out of fear of that program.

      If she was even a little bit sincere she would actually say something along the lines of she can't make it, and she moved back. She's practically ignoring the fact that I politely reached out to her saying we should go out.

      She never apologized for some of the atrocious things she's done and I sort of took it for granted that she's never going to, but I could forgive her.

      But honestly? She is still the same person she always was. Instead of being happy for me SHE is making it about 'her her her' and how she will look in comparison to me.

      She is far from depressed. She was perfectly fine until I got a job.

  • She could be jealous or she's just feeling really sorry for herself and doesn't want to be in your presence knowing you have a job and she doesn't. Which I guess answers your question that yes she is feeling some kind of way. Try to talk to her about the situation and maybe help her out.

    • The job I have, it does keep me busy and I like working but I'm actually so embarrassed to tell anyone where I work. It is not at all prestigious or my level.

      I took it to get some experience.

      I don't know if she realizes it, but really even if she didn't want to come out, couldn't she have said, "Can't do this week. Moved back to the city."

      She acted as though I didn't even mention plans. Initially I thought she wants nothing to do with me because she is judging me for taking up that job, but now I feel as though she's actually getting insecure.

    • Yea, I understand. Just try to be there for her as best as you can and remind her that you love her.

  • Yes she is