Is it good that I'm taking one class?

So I took 2 years off of school and came back very different.

I was doing badly in my classes for a long time, however I bucked up and started doing well in my last year.

However I suffered a lot in math-based courses. I'm taking a tax course right now (even though I graduated). It's actually not a 4th year class, but I am loving it. I have really organized notes, lots of time etc.

I mean, there's no real 'purpose' of the course right now, but I think it could be invaluable to get my Math skills back on track.


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  • Yes, I did the same thing when I started college. I tried taking multiple classes but ended up dropping them because it was too much to handle. Don't think of life as a race and you have to finish college in a certain amount of time. Just finish at your own pace and make sure to finish.

    • I finisehd University. I graduated in June with a business degree.

      However, my grades in my math classes, some of them were just passes. They definitely need work.

      Taking this course in isolation is amazing because not only can I focus on the one course where I'm weak (like the Math-based stuff etc.) but it also is technically where I should have started.

      I tookt ime off after completing 2nd year so I really should have started with that.

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  • I think it's okay but you need to think about your future and what degree you can get because that's important

    • I already got my degree. I got a business undergrad.

      However my 3rd and 4th year math classes are so/so.

      Taking this class is a real ego booster because not only is it making me get back to studying properly, it's also what I should be starting out with. I took time off after completing second year so realistically that's where I should start.

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    • Oh okay ya I can imagine that not many people are looking for business majors but maybe try going to more interviews and applying to more places (I've never applied for a job so I'm not sure if that will help or not)

    • Yeah. I've applied to a couple I haven't heard back :(

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