Can I charge as I wish?

When I started a job the hourly rate and payment methods where agreed, as the agreement had not been met through payment of wages and the employer decides that I should invoice him instead after the deadline has passed. Can I invoice him a rate that I believe is acceptable for the work?

What if I'm still waiting for wages from august?


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  • No. You will have to invoice him as per the hourly rate you agreed before. But you can discuss and find out if he is ready to negotiate for better rates. as the payment method has changes , and the previous contract can become null and void. See any notifications if any New Wages Act rates have been published and if it is applicable to you. For your future dealings negotiate a completely new contract.

  • You bill him at the hourly rate + twice the social security and income taxes.

    Googl 1099G.

    • Charge the back wages. You charge everything that is owed to you.

      This is what is happening... For whatever reason, the guy wants and needs you to work, but can't afford you as an employee and/or it is a pain in the ass to deal with all of the HR involved to hire you and retain you as an employee. By you becoming a 1099G worker, you are responsible for your own taxes (which have to be paid quarterly) and your own Social Security and benefits, etc.

      Therefore, what you need to do is compute for yourself a new hourly rate. That rate would include the original hourly rate that he was going to pay you, but also any additional benefits that you would have gotten like health care, retirement, whatever... By being independent, you need to do all this including getting your own health care.

      What is happening is that you are becoming a contractor - congrats! It's a fast-growing club.
      The plus for the customer is that you are no longer a human resource but are now an expense.

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  • Yes, if your being unfairly paid then have a conversation with your employer