Does he like me or is he just being nice?

So long story short. I haven't seen my 3rd grade friend since 3rd grade and its been a long time we used to play all the time as a kid. He makes time to talk to me when i'm alone. The second time he talked to me when I was alone we were talking and asked for my snapchat. I was thinking of talking to him then he messaged asking how i am and just starting to get to each other we talked about 4 hours and tomorrow morning i asked what time he goes to school he said 8:30. I have to be there early and asked if he wanted to meet up. He sounded like he didn't mind coming early in the morning meeting up with me and told me where to find him. We talked about our future and he sounded really supportive with me decisions. The reason I'm asking this because i don't want to get ahead of myself thinking he likes me. On snapchat, he mentioned this one girl twice. "OMW to take her out to apologize "


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  • The fact he is sharing so much of himself would make me think that he is but be careful and make sure he isn't still with another chick before you say something that might embarrass you

    • Say something like what?

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    • Oh of course not. At first I thought he liked me still but then I begin to think of him as a friend because I don't want to get ahead of myself and end up liking me as a friend.

    • Exactly. Build back from the beginning. If you want it to last that is your best bet. Take your time and sound the situation out. He brought a girl out to apologize so figure out what that was all about. If he is busy trying to fix something with someone you don't want to lower yourself to being just an option.

  • tooo much to read


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  • Bish follow your heart

    • I got many dreams to follow. :)

    • Good good (:

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