He been ask this question a lot of times?

he tells me what kind of wedding i want... have you every got asked this question before is so please tell what you told that person.. i already told him what i wanted he said dang i could picture that. lol


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  • My girlfriend and I are getting married soon, so we soon have to start thinking about this. Basically, we both want a very simple, casual wedding. What matters is that everyone is having a relaxed, nice afternoon/evening. It doesn't need to be super glamorous or anything like that. Hence no big party (no more than 50 guests), no white dress for my girlfriend, no limousine or anything like that. Plus, we're not religious, so no church either.
    Personally, I would like to just have a nice get-together somewhere in the countryside. Maybe on a farm or - since we live in Switzerland - somewhere up in the mountains where we'd have a beautiful scenery. Lots of good food should be there and what would be awesome is a good live band... however, that's probably too expensive for our budget.


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