Should it bother me if someone is trying to indirectly insult me?

At work, this person was trying to put me down (or so I thought) by calling women a bad word.

I brought it up to one of the staff who is a little older than me.

The person in charge, he was a total jerk. He was trying to tell me 'who are you?' to have a complaint about it etc. I didn't take him seriously.

I think it irritates him that I don't put him on a pedestal at all, because he expects me to be all in awe of him. Except I'm not because I've seen his bad work ethic.

Now he constantly attacks me. He'll indirectly say stuff that I know is aimed at me. It doesn't bother me but it actually makes me wonder if he's plotting something and this will affect me one day.

I'm actually wondering whether they will try to get rid of me or something since I'm not really the type of person who will tolerate them for too long if this continues.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yes you have every right to be bothered. But sometimes it's better to be the better person and ignore it

    • I feel as though I have a right to be bothered, but also think that if I indulge in such nonsense with that person, then I'm the one who will be hurt.

      How far a limit do you think they crossed?

    • I think they definitely crossed a limit, although I'm not sure how far. Some people are just jerks, and we all have to put up with them.

What Girls Said 1

  • If people are harsh towards you, please don't get upset. I've learned to just forget and move on if someone insulted me. I know words do hurt but just remember you are better than that.

    • The thing is, I try to not let it affect me and for the most part it doens't.

      But what I do fear is that this eprson really wants to hurt me and will actively 'try' to put me down etc. in hopes of getting a reaction.

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