Does this guy have a life?

He is a former manager and now I don't know where he works but he is a friend of a friend and this dude literally posts every second. Can any of you answer what goes on in their head?
Check it out:

wow! even though he posted 6 hours! he posted several times 6 hours ago! and tagged many people! like some chain email spam


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  • Nope none


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  • there is only 2 posts there lol

    • Scroll down, it's an endless list of posts

    • erm.. nope

    • Uhhhh yea! You're failurre to see doesn't begate the truth!!!

  • only 2 posts both of which are 6 hours old

    i think you're seeing things :D

    • Nope! you are blind or you must be this person. Nobody frequently posts this much and tags 10000 people at a time

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