(poll) How much wold you rate yourself out of 10 (1 being lowest - 10 highest)?

Honesty is key, this is purely for educational purposes. ;-)

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Most Helpful Girl

  • 5, i don't have my ideal body yet my thighs and butt are too big and too much water weight, i have a round face, my eyebrows aren't on fleek, my nose is huge and flat, my teeth aren't white enough, im hairy but i shave, my lips are as good as kylies tho, my eye color looks black


Most Helpful Guy

  • I don't use a rating system the way that regular people do. In fact, I have a formula that I use:

    Total league = (Personality league * Physical league) / 4

    Physical league is simple, it's just how attractive someone is based on how they appeal to people's senses of sight, smell, hearing and touch. It goes from 1-10.

    Personality league is more complicated. It goes on a scale of 1-4.

    1= not confident and not nice.

    2= not confident but nice.

    3= confident but not nice.

    4= confident and nice.

    The purpose of incorporating personality league into physical league is to be realistic because the personality maximizes the effect of the looks. The maximum total league someone can get is 10 while the lowest is.25.

    So my total league changes drastically depending on the day.

    At my worst. My physical league would be 3 and my personality league is 1.

    Total league = (Personality league * Physical league) / 4

    Total league = (1 * 3) / 4

    So on my worst days, my total league is.75.

    At my best, my physical league is 7 and my personality league is 4.

    Total league = (Personality league * Physical league) / 4

    Total league = (4 * 7) / 4

    So on my best days, my total league is 7.


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