Girls, Do you dislike hairy chests?

Do you dislike hairy (very?) Chests and stomach or you are indifferent?


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  • The hair can be sexy if he is :D

    • Ugh
      Wtf are you trying to say

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    • esp. if it's soft and clean... mmmmm! You probably smell pretty good. All that hair.. your pheromones are prob off the hook!

    • That's si sweet. Always had something for lot of male body hairs even as a teenager?
      Because teen girls dislike and actual hate hairy chest and back while you seem to not mind even back and shoulders hairs.
      Hariry back /shoulders and chest is seen as universal turn off by women I guess you k ow this by your female friends.

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  • I hate it

    • That's so nice of you to not just dislike it but hate it.
      Am glad you women hate it so much deeply.
      I wish you hate it more more more deeply.
      Thanks for hating it.
      God bless

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    • I don't really like body hair but I can't complain too much because naturally I'm really hairy as well

    • Hahah ok
      Yeah I have heard Persian men are EXCESS hairy so its obvious the women would also be somewhat hairy.
      You call yourself"really" hairy, seriously it's lot of hair on lower leg?
      Do you have any idea of epilator?

  • He should trim it regularly.