Do you ever get excited and apprehensive about something at the same time?

I've always wanted to go to CA, San Francisco and San Diego were the places I wanted to visit the most. It was like a dream of mine and now that dream is coming true because I'm going to San Francisco for Thanksgiving and I couldn't be more excited. However, it feels kind of surreal and until I'm standing in CA, I'm going to keep wondering if this is actually going to happen. Every time I get super excited about something or look forward to something, I end up getting disappointed because it doesn't happen. So, now I have this "wait for the other shoe to drop mentality" that way if it doesn't work out I won't be surprised.

I'm having that feeling again. Like I said I'm super excited, it's one of my many dreams but I'm also apprehensive and worried something will stop it from happening.

So, do you ever feel excited about something but apprehensive about it at the same time? If so, what do you do to calm your nervous and worries?


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  • Yup, sometimes until it's actually happening, it's hard to believe. Even as it's happening, too, you might find it hard to believe.

    Protip: book your trip the Alcatraz as soon as you get to SF to avoid missing out.


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  • That is a very normal feeling for a lot of people

  • Yes, seeing a gal I have a crush on. Though, probably not what you meant.


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