Poll + Follow up on the girl I've been hitting on. She has MILLIONS of followers?

This is a follow up on https://www.girlsaskguys.com/qt/how-do-i-look/q2139641-do-i-have-a-chance-with-this-girl

Essentially her name is Cindy K, her Twitter is https://twitter.com/cinluvscats
1M+ follows, on the other hand, I JUST made an account. https://twitter.com/ibbules I somehow got a few followers -- probably spam followers tbh.

Does this mean 100% of my chances are X_X gon?

You guys are like family, any ideas -- know what, I'll throw in a poll. What are the chances of me hitting it off?

Poll + Follow up on the girl I've been hitting on. She has MILLIONS of followers???

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  • 01 - 10 % my personal estimate.
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Holly shit, she doesn't have 1M+ its 121K+!!!
Thanks @Bandit74 for pointing that out.
She's lesbian.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You have no chance with 1m followers that's too sexy


Most Helpful Guy

  • Uh, it says she only has 121k followers.
    Also, unless you're rich or look like a male model, I doubt she would be interested.


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What Girls Said 1

  • No chance because a lot of guys message her and she probably never reads those messages


What Guys Said 3

  • Too much work for something of little to no reward, or even worse, a report for harassment.

    • True, I'm sure she gets tons of messages. I haven't even bothered or tried to message her yet.
      But then again... what if all the guys thought this way...

  • I would say pretty low - She must get about a thousand messages a day

  • I'd say they're rather slim... Especially if you don't know her irl

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