What side should the United States take in Syria? Why?

Personally, I think that we should ally with the Russians and the Syrian Government to fight the rebels and ISIS. Also we could become friends with Russia and not fall into WW3

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  • None. Literally every side in that war has committed dozens of war crimes from brutal torture to chemical and biological warfare. I'm pretty sure virtually every war crime possible has been committed in this war. Plus it's a civil war. Which means it's their war.

    The current government is what the US was originally against until the majority force against the government turned out to be ISIL and so we kind of pulled back a little to distance ourselves from those beheading freaks. Either way it's basically one dictatorship possibly about to be overthrown by another dictatorship.


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  • Personally our country rry as great as it is has to deal with its own shit and stop worrying about other countries. I'm sick of us helping out other people when we have problems right here at home.

  • Yea I think it's hard to trust them and vice versa for us. That sounds like a great idea though.. Why aren't we doing this?

    • We don't need any more old leaders. They're all stuck in the Cold War

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    • Yea that would put them in a better position to kill us if they wanted to. No wonder we have some a defensive stance.

    • Dammit such a defensive stance

  • isis, and those middle eastern peoples that dont like anybody in the west, are trying to play in to our fear. we fear terrorism, who doesn't, right? but that's what they're using against us. they want power, so they resort to terrorism. if we play in to that terrorism, they win