What does this text mean from him?

A guy friend of mine recently messaged me and told me that he misses me. Long story short, we engage in conversation and just when I thought the conversation was getting good he sends me the following:
"Oh well hey, as much as I like talking to you, I've gota get some sleep I got school then work tomorrow, good talkin to yuh kiddo, night"


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  • It means he's got school tomorrow, and then work... So he needs to go to sleep. Don't hurt yourself thinking too hard


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  • It probably means exactly what he said that he had to sleep... It seems like you are his friend, probably a lot younger since he called you kiddo. I mean don't look too much into it... he was just making friendly conversation and had to go.

    • He is a year younger than I am. Why would he call me kiddo? Wouldn't that be an obvious sign that he isn't interested in me?

    • *He is a year or two older than I am

    • Oh see I didn't know you were asking if he was interested. He most definently isn't. I know that might not want to be what you want to hear, but it's the truth. He is friend zoning you plain and simple.

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  • He probably doesn't like talking about certain things or is inept when it comes to a serious conversation with woman. There are many men that won't get into meaningful conversations with their lady. Many divorces are caused by men with this problem. Emotions and feeling are almost taboo for many men.

  • Like him and reading into each text huh? Haha I've been there mate.

    Ask him out and get passed this wondering phase as quick as possible.

    • he called me "kiddo"

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    • Are you sure? How am I supposed to make the first move?

    • Well I'm not 100% sure!!! I'd have to know more about your interaction between each other.

      But 8/10 times this is usually the case!! Well it starts by breaking the physical/touch barrier. Touching somewhere in his body an lingering there to see how he reacts to this. That's the slow progressive way. Usually more comfortable for shy people.

      Then there's just outright going for a kiss or asking for a date and making sure you make it clear it's a date. But honestly I always believe the kiss method to be that happy medium. Either he'll pull away or he'll allow it. And then you can go from there. It's risky but has high rewards :).

  • Literally what it says he means. He needs sleep and has a busy day tommorrow

  • He called you kiddo 😭


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