Can you say with a straight face the elections aren't RIGGED?

people like to call republicans paranoid and whatnot... but lol really why some democrats dont already admit their campaign is blatantly corrupt?

some background check...

look at the number of likes donald trump website has vs. hillary

Can you say with a straight face the elections aren't RIGGED?

what we find is we have a nation filled with closet trumper's... the silent majority has already decided that we are done with our corrupt political system... we are voting for change peeps... those millions who haven't voted in years are going to swamp the polling stations wearing red in a show of solidarity, to support change, to support TRUMP!

ok ok... moving on...

democrats are engaging in vote fraud as this democrat whisteblower proved (he was baited by hot chicks lmaooo)

and we have the controversial cnn flop of telling the ohio "independent voters" what to say... so they are really paid actors and is all scripted bohooo

not to say cnn had been caught before

but really cnn level of corruption really blew up to the point of pissing off democrats when busted falsifying news coverage on open air

  • duuuhhh
  • nah it isn't rigged none of this is happening... haven't seen shit
  • im #triggered
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ALSO... #wikileaks releases part 4 of #podestaemails4 on twitter, use hahstag, check for updates, push MSM to cover all this mass corruption by Hillary Clinton... justice is being served baha


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  • It's sickening. Hard to imagine that even so, we have created and maintained the best place on earth, ever for a person to live. Maybe it's part of the cost, and further proves "freedom isn't free"

  • All the polls must be rigged as well even the "I love Trump" polls (LA Times, Rasmussen and Fox) are tied or Clinton ahead. The online polls are not scientific and cannot account for multiple clicks/bots. Only evidence on interference so far is the Russians with the states electoral systems (Florida today among others) and Putin wants Donald to win.

  • That's not the right Facebook page for Donald Trump, make sure it's a verified page.