What is the perfect height for guys and girls?

Im 176 and I would like if a had girlfriend to be 5 cm:ish shorter than me.


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  • Girls: 1m70 (5'7")
    Guys: 1m90 (6'3")

    But it really doesn't matter much, for me anything 5'9" to 6'5" is perfect.

    • Heyyyyyyyyy that's freaking tall , I am hurt :(

    • @Omar5881 isn't it only an inch taller than you haha? I think I remember you being as tall as my brother, like 6'2" ? >< :P

    • Oh waiiiit... ohhhhh hahaha 😂😂😂 sorry algebra happened today 😛

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  • 6 foot=183cm for guys and 5'5" =165cm for girls I think but every one has a different opinion on that


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