There was this guy at work who got mad at me for spilling cereal on the ground into the machine?

he got really mad at me for the last two days at work and i felt stressed and scared because he was being mean, he was mexican and old too.


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  • Being Mexican and old, well, mostly his age, he is Set in his own Way and is probably Not used to Not having it his 'Way' and Well... You gave him a Very bad Day.
    Try and Kiss up and Show him no Hard feelings. The Mexicans are usually Forgiving if you are Nice as Spice.
    Have lunch Together, all will be Better.
    Good luck. xx

    • lol Thank you for the Like, hun, and his bite is worse than his bite. xx

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    • Like I say, he is old, has been there longer, thinks he can run the show, thinks he "Owns the place" to sort of say and thinks of you as the Low man on his totem pole. Ignore him for now. He wants you to bow down and if you have to keep peace in another sort of way, just be friendly but not too much. He will get used to you eventually where I have seen 2 guys become good buds. xx

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence. xx

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  • Time to put your big boy undies on and not get so upset at work. You've got 40 more years of that better not let it burn you out


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  • Tell him to go take a seat and to visit his grandchildren XD nah jk. Work is a bitch, you gotta deal with it, man

  • Ok what's your question?


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