Ever faced soo much problems in your life/had bad experience in your life, that when you try to hope of good things to come, you can't think of any?

i've reached a stage in my life that sometimes i can't even think of any good things come to in my life, because whenever i try to, all the past and present experience which i had and having is just like in front of me, and i think like im fooling myself by hoping good things to come. and i just can't think of any good things to come.


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  • Of course I've thought that way for some time in my life but not anymore. Personally I've gone through a lot of awful shit in my life, at some points I was suicidal. And in my head I just thought life is already so fucking shitty at this point and I've barely even reached adulthood.

    But now I don't really think that way so much, if at all. This past year when I moved back to my home country from China it changed me a lot and I've surrounded myself with positive people and gotten rid of those who don't matter in my life and those who just drag me down. So now I really don't think that way anymore, and any hardships I go through these days I don't think of it in a shitty way anymore. Tbh I never really thought I would become like this last year when I was suicidal.

    Whats even more is that when I went back to visit china a few months ago I was raped, and while I was there all my bad emotions came back to me and I felt suicidal again, and I was surrounded by the same toxic people I was with last year so I knew that this was the main source of my problems. But then when I came back to my home country, getting over what happened just seemed so much easier because of the positive people I had here, yeah the rape still haunts me every day but had it happened last year when I was suicidal I probably wouldn't even be living right now.

    Im telling you, the people you surround yourself with matter so much more than you think. And if you're still feeling shitty, you have to find the root of your problem and sort it out. Good things WILL come in your life you're not fooling yourself, I used to think that was a lie too, but here I am happier and so much more positive than I have ever been in years. You just have to make sure you get rid of or minimize the time you spend with the toxic people in your life to improve your life. Just don't keep on dwelling "what" good things will come, just that there will be good things to come.

    • sorry to hear about your rape, im pretty sure it is a horrible nightmare to you. but im glad you moved on and dealing your problems with being strong. im facing problems since birth and still facing it,
      you know i was suicidal since i was a kid too. i tried suicide many times, one time i dont know how i survived because i was pretty damn sure that im gonna die, i thought its gonna end when i grow up, my suffering will end when i grow up, but as i grew up more horrible and bad things happened to me, and i suffered more and more, my suffering damaged me soo much that i can't trust anyone, and most of the people in my life just brought me down and break me. but i kept trying again and again to find nice people, but same happened again and again, now i reached a point in my life that thinking of being friends with someone is like im gonna stab a knife on my back.

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    • Oh must've changed since I last used it some year ago :( that's sad

    • hmm, but still, thanks for your help tho

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  • I know sometimes bad experience is a root that influence but I now suppose that they will desire good even if they think people evil base on bad experience but they are very greed to desire good finally.


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  • I can think of a few good things, but very few. Every time something good happens it's always followed by multiple bad things

  • Of course, especially these days. When things start to go good for me, it always takes a turn for the worst. I'm just done.

    • seriously, i mean you can never underestimate life you know, because it will always prove you wrong by being worst.

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