When Trump when the president of the Greatest country in the world, what changes are you looking forward too?

Let's be honest. America is destroyed right now. Trump is going to fix America and make it great again. Are you ready for the great changes? What would you want to be changed?

For me Im looking forward to trump shutting up the feminists and building the wall. Big construction =big infrastructure project= good for economy.. I hope trump grab these bad people by the pussy

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Becomes* the president


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  • Are you being sarcastic?

    • No, I want people's answer of what they r looking forward to in coming changes

    • I doubt he will win.

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  • His chances of winning are very remote at this stage. If he did win, I would be very scared for the world (just my view, I could be wrong)


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  • None because he has no chance because the media and polling companies aren't gonna let him win.

    • Downvoted because your wrong. He has a chance

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    • "polling companies aren't gonna let "
      I'm not going to call you names or anything but I'm honestly wondering.
      The only poll that decides who is president is on election day right?
      So what good is bribing a polling company?

    • I upvoted you by the way

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  • Lets be fair here. If Trump wants to win he will have to prepare for the next presidential race, hope that Hillary screws things up and spend these next 4 years becoming a bunch better person.

    His chances for his time is over. He only had a slim chance to begin with and now it is impossible short of something miraculous.

    Granted I would not mind him being the president since he would get thrown out of office quickly enough, trigger a collapse in the GOP and probably get someone much better then both Hillary and Trump into office. Also it would be priceless to watch from way over here.

    • I downvoted you because your simply wrong

    • Your beliefs are admirable but you can't bend reality with only that level. Try harder.

  • Trump has almost zero chance at this point. I made a take about this last year predicting that hillary would crush him, and i had a bunch of republicans get all butthurt over it, but the truth is, it would take a miracle at this point. He's behind in practically every swing state, and he needs to win pretty much all of them to win. It's over

    • I downvoted your opinion becaus it's wrong. And I find it disturbing for the lack of faith to trump

  • I foresee voter fraud and collusion to keep Trump from winning. I really hope not though.. Don't listen to those 2 guys opinions.

    • Upvoted, ye I agree. If he lose its just the corrupt liberals hacking him.

  • Get over it already. It's never going to happen. He's hell bent on blowing up his campaign and anyone who associates withe him.

    • Downvoted.. He's gonna win

    • You can downvote all you want. With early voting going on in such high numbers like in 2008 and 2012, there's a very good chance he will have lost the election even before Election Day. He was his own worst enemy in this mess.