Christians, what are your most common questions that you get asked or told by Atheists?

I will continue my mytake with 4 more answers to common things christians get asked. Please provide some of your suggestions


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  • "Prove there is a God."
    I don't Need t "Prove" anything, my own Lord's Pure Existence speaks for Himself.
    If you don't Believe in Our Father when you are Born, then you totally Cannot have a Real Relationship with Him, But if you Begin Now Somehow, you have a Lot of Catching up to do, so Hurry.
    It takes Years, Dear, to Know this Man.
    Good luck and Great question. xx

    • *One day when Anyone stands before Him on "Judgement Day," He will Let you Know if You are in his Book of Good Deeds. Who then will be Crying, Begging, Asking,"Why me? I see now that you are no Myth." And will God say, "Although you are one of my children, You never Loved me nor Believed In Me, nor the Salvation Story."xx

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    • @Amlal and you, hun. xxoo

    • Thank you for the Vote of Confidence, on Behalf of me and my other Master Blaster. xxoo

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  • As an atheist for most of my life and the current president of a local atheist charitable group, it must be understood that the vast majority of atheists came from religious backgrounds, and in the US and many other countries, that means most atheists are former Christians. Atheists exist not because we don't understand religion, we exist because we know it all too well. That's why many atheists generally higher on religious quizzes than their religious counterparts.

    It kind of makes sense when you stop and think about it. Most religious people grow up inheriting their religion from their parents. There is often not a desire to learn about a religion other than one's own because why keep looking when you believe you found the "right" one? I've found that when questions start flying between Christians and atheists, it's invariably the Christians asking the questions.


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  • Why don't you learn any science?
    Why isn't religion evolving with the current day miracles?
    I get those a lot. It really pisses me off because atheists are very condescending about science. The funny thing is I'm better at science then any atheist I know.

    • definitely going to address point number 1.

      what do you mean by the second one?

      did you find my first mytake useful?

    • Yes I agreed with it- it was good. The Hitler point is completely stupid when they say that. Hitler was a vegetarian too does that mean it's horrible to be a vegetarian?
      By point 2 people are saying why doesn't the bible adapt to include modern miracles such as the invention of vaccines and shit like that. My response is that bible was acts of God which those are not.

    • Yeah, it shocks me that they use Hitler as a Christian, they also deny stalin and mao... but what basis for morality is there within atheism to begin with? like on what foundation is there to say any particular thing is inherently "good" or "bad" and not just opinion. Most christians who actually care abotu their faith don't insult it and persecutve their fellow christians. It's a very big push to claim he was a christian. possibly he was an atheist, maybe most likely.

      Oh I see your second point... I don't see how God isn't an enabler. But he isn't a sky daddy wizard that grants your wishes. Pray to win the lottery but you don't buy a lottery ticket... don't expect to win. There is a law that he placed for us that is there to support us

  • "What makes you think there is a God?"
    "What if you have been wasting your time believe something that is wrong?"

  • Athesists don't ask or provide answers. They just get angry , but have nothing of value to say.

    • i noticed in my experience that atheists like to ask christians as many questions as they can but can't answer any questions themselves about their own beliefs. When they're pushed to provide anything of substance they reply with simply "i lack a belief" and blank out"

    • I've yet to meet an athesist who can have a debate , and intelligent discussion. They can't back up their views and " beliefs" . They just become aggressive and angry

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  • Atheists like myself generally don't bother asking Christians anything. Many of us were christians once upon a time. We know what the Bible says. We know what mental gymnastics believers can perform. There's nothing we want to hear.

  • I don't know, usually something stupid like "why do you believe in a fairy-tale" or "why are you Christians so stupid". Atheists are so small-time that it's not even funny anymore.

  • "If God is real why does he allow things like starving kids in Africa?"

    Or something similar. Essentially, they ask: Why does God allow such bad things to happen.

    • i hear that one. But then I feel as though we need to first do a rewin before it's useful to answer that. i mean if atheism is true "why not", it is the natural order of the world. Nothing is inherently "bad" besides subjective opinions.

      I doubt most atheists would be willing to provide a foundaation for morality. but presume they borrow from the christian morality to ask that. God isn't some sky daaddy wish wizard. Those people are suffering not because of God, but because of people

  • im not a christian but i was baptized and all of that so i already know everything about it i dont need to ask any questions.