What do you think of mild male supremacists?

I don't hate women or wish ill against them. I advocate women's rights - to bodily autonomy, (abortion) etc. I don't like it when people demonize or bash women.

However, I think the natural state of hetero relations involves the woman being "dick-whipped." [the opposite of men being pussy-whipped]

I also think that women generally serving men is the ideal state of things.

I don't advocate patriarchy because I think that men already have so much power that patriarchy would be just unfair.

However, I do think that women should generally serve men. I'd like them to do so happily and willingly.

I've been accused of being a male supremacist before, and they have a point.

What do you think of a person like me? Would you date one?

  • I hate them and try to avoid talking to them
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  • I don't like them but will argue with them
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  • I don't like their beliefs but can still be friendly with them, but not date
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  • I don't like their beliefs but I'd date one
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  • I would view/treat them no differently than any other person
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  • I like their beliefs and could befriend and/or date one (if I'm into guys)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • If I told you I think men should serve and protect us and attend to our every need, since we're the ones ensuring the survival of the race, wouldn't it piss you off, or at least make you come up with half a dozen counter-arguments?

    Of course your plan feels nice; you're on the good end of the deal. But if it doesn't feel nice if you switch the roles around, then yes, you're objectively being what most people call 'unfair' :p


Most Helpful Guy

  • I reject all supremacy and subordination. If a woman wants to be submissive to me then she can but its not a requirement.


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  • I think there should be a better name than male supremacists.. For you to say happy and willingly means that you would serve her as well, which should be the definition of a loving and lasting relationship.

  • I dislike all forms of supremacy. Male, female, white, black, etc.

  • I don't disagree with you. I think women sound generally do what their told :)

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