Did my sister copy me?

I started working as an unpaid intern somewhere and now suddenly she's volunteering somewhere for experience.

She is three years older!


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  • Oh no she di iint

    • What is that supposed to mean?

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  • She looks up to you.

    • But she has treated me really badly in the past.

      It's behaviour like this that makes me wonder if she looked up to me and hence was really insecure around me for that reason.

    • Thats honestly what siblings do.
      Drive each other crazy, but deep down she loves and looks up to you.
      My younger sister is/was the same way with me.

    • But my mother too said once that my sister didn't love me.

      I always thought something else was going on. That she didn't want me to be better than her.

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  • Well its good you motivate her even if she don't want to admit that you do.

    • The thing is, do I really motivate her? Or is she just afraid that I'll move forward and she'll stay stuck.

      She hasn't worked a job in 5 years.

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    • Everyone in my family always takes her side, and when I point that out they say I'm jealous for thinking that.

      I was like lol this is so ridiculous, you favour her and when I point that out I'm jealous, it's a nut-ball

    • Just block them off because it's a distraction in your life. That will also stop c the games she's c playing when you don't give her any attention. Just focus on being successful and c getting your own in life.

  • she's admiring her older sister.. its not a big deal:)

    • No no no. She is elder than me. She is 3 years older lol

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    • lol ok now its sounding like jealousy.. lol 😂

    • I have actually never been able to tell. My parents never really believe she is jealous, but I know my sister is a pro at hiding her feelings. For example she always acted like guys are like not really something she thinks about.

      Then one day I came across her phone and it was like a diary note. It said something like, "I want to move to x city because of all the hotties there, but I'm afraid of my reputation," something something.

      We're both Indian by nationality. I was like... lol is she a little into white guys or something?

      Nothing wrong with that. I've been attracted to white guys enough times living in North America, they're adorable lol. But I didn't understand why she always felt the need to hide those things.

  • Hmm seems like you envy your big sister

    • Huh? Where did you get that from

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    • Ah thank you for clarifying that. I will learn to be a lot more careful around her in the future.


    • Your welcome, take care

  • copying? really?

    • Mhm.

      The exact same time I work in finance she goes and gets herself a volunteering gig?

    • i was being sarcastic yo

    • lol.

      I haven't heard someone say yo in a while. It's a good word

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  • Maybe she just thought it looked like a good idea from your example?

    • But she has sat at home for 5 years and hasn't worked and SUDDENLY I get a job and she volunteers?

      My parents think my behaviour doesn't affect her at all but sometimes I feel as though it's the other way around.

    • Why feel upset that she is out doing something. Maybe making a difference, because you inspired her to do so.

    • I'm not upset. I'm just curious.

      She is actually older than me by 3 years, and many a time has tried to compete with me. Both my parents think that she is so above doing that but I don't think so.

      Like why is she volunteering at age 27 at the precise time that I've finally gotten a job.

      I forgave her (even though she didn't apologize) for a lot of the things she did to me. But I've always been highly suspicious.

  • So what if she is?

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