Which one sounds better? please?

Hey guys, we have a small party at our school the next week, and there's a challenge that i joined it, in this challenge we are only 2 guys and we should perform one after another and the one who performs better will win, I play the guitar and the other guy plays Santoor (it's a Persian and Indian instrument), so i will perform a western English song (something like cowboys) and he will perform a traditional old Persian song, i decided to play "Simple man - Lynyrd Skynyrd"
so i spent the whole day learning and practicing it but i edited the original song and made a harder version, i just wanna ask your opinions on which one sounds better? and do you think i will win with this?

Style 1(the original):

Style 2(my edition):


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  • The first one sounds better and simpler. The bits are more catchy and easy to understand.-----Don't be too much stressed. Your friend who plays the Santoor will also perform well because it is much more easy to play that instrument and it sounds more melodious like as if you are listening the sounds of a free flowing stream.----Let the better man win.

  • Style 2 definitely just needs to be tightened up a bit but sweet