Isn't squat also leg press?

Why isn't squat callad leg press? It is a leg press that includes some of your body bodyweight along with the weights on you, No? One is with machine and other one is without machine. Aren't they both leg press?

I mean with machine, you won't be lifting your bodyweight therefore you can lift more weight.


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  • Leg press is an isolation exercise. It doesn't engage all of the same muscles as proper squatting.

    Squatting engages more muscle groups, joints, and teaches your body to move as a coordinated system. It's the preferable exercise, unless you're training around an injury.

    As for bodyweight. Your body responds to resistance, not weight. You can gain just as much strength doing calisthenics as you can lifting weights, you simply have to be intelligent about manipulating leverage to increase resistance.

    Doing one-legged squats gets you just as strong as doing barbell squats, but with the advantage of not compressing your spine from a barbell.


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  • Because those are two different exercises and they function differently.

    The leg press isolates your quadriceps more and enables you to lift more weight with your legs with no risk to damaging your back.

    The squat is a compound exercise that works your entire leg, your buttock and a bit of your lower back but you can't do as much weight with a squat as you can with a leg press when you really start to get up there in weight. And you have to have near perfect if not perfect form or you can seriously injury your back or pull something.

    I mean with machine, you won't be lifting your body weight therefore you can lift more weight.

    Body weight doesn't do much for you when your training for muscle growth, strength and size if it did then you wouldn't need actual weights and bars in order to gain muscle, strength and size which is more effective and efficient.

    Another difference between the two is.

    You don't need a spotter for the leg press

    For the squat it's more advise you have one because unless your on a smith machine the only support that weight you have on your back is gonna have is the support you give it, have imperfect form or make the wrong move and you can easily hurt yourself.

    For instance my highest weight I can do on a Leg Press is 550lbs while the highest I can with the squat is about 200-220lbs even if you add in my body weight to that, then I'd still be squatting only 350 to 370lbs roughly 200lbs less then the leg press. And the squat is spreading all that weight and stress across all the muscle groups being worked, while the leg press is isolating all that weigh to just the quadriceps.

    Another difference between the two.

    Squat is a compound movement.

    Leg Press is a isolation movement.

    Isolation focuses more work and stress on one specific muscle.

    Compound works more muscles but spreads the stress and handling weight between them so each muscles has less stress and does less work then if you were doing a isolation movement.

    If you want a great body then you need to be doing both isolation exercises and compound exercises both.

    Source: I'm a certified professional trainer.

    • I mean when you squat with 100 kilograms, you are not lifting 100 kilograms. You are lifting 100 kilograms plus your bodyweight so you lift less weight.

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    • The body doesn't see it that way though the body is used to lugging or moving around your bodyweight because it does it constantly everyday so it's used to it. That's why it doesn't have that great of an effect when it come to training and why you need to use weights.

    • You are using weight to make your bodyweight heavier. You have 50 kilograms dumbells plus your bodyweight which make your bodyweight heavier. You are lifting more than 100 kilograms because the only weights are not dumbells, dumbells plus your body weight. When you do push ups with 30 kilograms on you, you are doing ups with 30 kilograms. 30 kilograms plus your body weight.

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  • Squats are better for you in my opinion. They work your whole body

    • Depends on what your goals are actually, the leg press is neither better or worse for you then the squat.

      Also keep in mind that some people can't do one exercise or another because of injuries or medical problems.

    • @Phoenix98 true.. I don't lift much so when I lift I do things that will maximize my time haha

    • I see.

      Well if you want to see the differences between the two and their benefits you can just look at my opinion ^^ I'm a certified trainer so the knowledge is true.

  • I'm hardly a body building expert or kinesiology major, but I did play sports and used to do a lot of both...

    I feel like squats utilize your core a lot more as you transfer energy up, plus balance the weights. Your hammies and ass really feel it, too. Leg press blasts the quads more, but doesn't have that full range of motion that gives you that "full body workout" feeling. Squats are like the main dish and leg press is one of the sides.


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  • They're not the same thing. The target muscle is the same as are the synergist muscles. Both of them have pros and cons. Everyone has their preferences too. Many like to alternate between the 2. Only real difference I can think of is that you need to use a lot more muscles in squatting to make the movement more stable (they're not being targeted).

    • If the target muscle is the same, how come they are different? You do leg pressing by squating on your feet.

  • nope they don't function the same

    squat is a compound movement, leg press is more isolation

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