Do you think you could convince a woman to buy you a Lamborghini?

Do you think you could convince a woman to buy you a Lamborghini?
Investigators say Rossell began dating women in Pennsylvania, Florida and Union, Missouri after meeting them through the dating website 'Plenty of Fish.' In each relationship, police say he convinced the women to buy cars in their name which he drove and later sold but claimed the vehicles were stolen.

Biser says Rossell convinced a victim in Ft. Meyers, Florida to buy the Lamborghini, Gallardo and a Corvette Z06, valued at $96,000. Brown says Rossell was very proud of the Lamborghini.



Seriously mirin hard.

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  • Hah... That must have been fun for him, while it lasted.

    I mean... The only reason this all even came crashing down, for him, was that he lied about being a federal marshal. If he hadn't been so stupid about THAT... he PROBABLY could've made a clean break.
    Although he might have had to marry the woman whose credit he used? (If they'd gotten joint credit, maybe that would somehow get rid of the CC fraud charges? I dunno.)

    Still... Absolutely fascinating.
    I want to see an interview with this dude. Any videos OF HIM?

    I also want to see these women look like -- especially considering they were right around his age (another article mentioned two of them as 27 when he was 28, although that article didn't name them). And in a dead-end town, too.


    In any case... Heh. I don't doubt it. I mean, when he was younger, my husband had what he called "sponsors".
    There were two differences -- (1) they were older than him and actually fairly wealthy (or at least had high-paying jobs), and, (2) there were no lies and no pretenses on his part -- including the fact that there was no commitment.

    One of his "sponsors" was actually married, and would go on international vacations with HIM -- at the husband's (apparently willing) expense.
    I wouldn't even have believed that part, had I not seen the boy's passport stamps.
    Another "sponsor" rented him an apartment -- of his own, in addition to the place where he was already living -- just to have a more convenient meeting place with him.
    And, of course... the Corvette that one of his girlfriends bought him -- when he was something like 19 or 20 years old -- is still in our garage. Although I've modded the shit out of it, because now it's mine. Mine mine mine mine mine all mine.
    Like him.


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  • I was going to say that they would really would have to be hard up skanks for them to try to keep around by buying me a Lamborghini. After looking at him, it seems they were.
    Since he's going to jail, lemme holla at 'em.


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