How to deal with someone who keeps countering your advice?

I've ran into a few situations where someone has asked for my advice on a situation, like a relationship situation, and when I give advice to them on the situation they have outlined for me. They keep adding in new things after I give my advice on the situation to keep getting me to change my advice.

For instance, this one guy I have been helping. Well he's having issues with a girl who he likes, but he's not sure how she feels. She is very confusing and is very hot and cold. One day she is really warm to him, keeps talking to him or he'll say that someone he knows told him she's been talking about him. But then when he talks to her, she gives him the cold shoulder or just doesn't seem interested.

I've given this person advice many times that this person is not worth their time. And they keep asking me for more and more advice. I'm getting tired of trying to help them with a situation that clearly isn't working for them.

How do you handle people in these types of situations? I am just getting tired of having the same scenario play out with this person even though they insist that this person must like them because of one interaction they had that was positive with this person they like. Even though the person they like keeps going back to being cold and then hot again with them.

What do you guys do?


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  • People like this already have an answer in their head of what they want to hear from you and will keep pestering you until they hear the answer they like. Once it gets stupid and ridiculous, it is best to just listen to them vent and tell them things like, "I hope it works out for you!"

    • I think I'm going to adopt this mentality. I think the thing that bothers me the most is that they are wasting my time when they have already decided what they are going to do. Because they keep insisting on how they think things will work out. I guess my problem is that I care too much about people who I don't really know. I just need to let it go and let them figure it out on their own if they are so persistent. Thank you :)

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  • Ignore them

  • Shrug your shoulders and say good luck... :)


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