Top/right upper part of foot swollen and pain when walking at times?

I woke up today and the top right part of foot was hurting only when walking. I then relaxed for a bit and took a shower, and no pain. I then looked at my foot and it looked swollen. After a while the swelling worsened a bit and it hurts a bit. Could it be from running? The last few months I haven't done too much running or standing on my feet. School started and ice been running a lot in gym. Every other day I play sports physically for 80 mins. A few days ago I ran 2 miles in gym. Yesterday I played bad mitten and basketball. What do you think?


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  • I am no doctor but it could very much be a sprain or muscle pull of some sorts.

    See if it improves in a couple days, if not might be wise to see an Orthopedic doctor

  • Swollen how? The description makes it seem like a sprain. You have to consult a doctor and stop any kind of physical activity for a few weeks.


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