Saturday Evening and I'm Bored?

It's Saturday evening and I don't really have anyone to talk to, everyone's busy.

So im just chilling in my bed and I'm really bored.

What should i do :(


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  • As that really you in the photo? You should be out right now doing things at your age not staying inside on a Saturday night

    • What should I be doing?

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    • my friends are all busy today and unfortunately i dont drink lol.
      but yeah you're right, i'll get some stuff to eat maybe. Thank you

    • Yeah ok, better to do something even if it's just to get out for awhile

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  • As a person who are killing time may not have smart suggestions.
    But you can reading in the bed. That is really happiness time
    Throwing some words to internet when you think about it.
    Then go back to do what you just did.

  • Do what im doing, order a Ruby Murray in and study 😅

  • Watch some tv, waste time in gag, chat with some people, etc

    • Or if you are that kind of girl... Go out yourself and see what happens

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    • Welcome in my world

    • Good to know someone feels how you feel lol

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