Anyone know anything about trucks/steering?

I think my steering is going out.

I drive a 2004 F150 that has worked wonderfully since I purchased it, used, in 2009. It currently has about 221,000 miles on it. I have its oil changed regularly and my mechanic typically does a once-over for the whole vehicle as well.

Yesterday I was driving in the parking ramp at work and I noticed the steering wheel was harder to turn and it kept making clicking noises.

I asked about it at work and someone said that it sounded like the power steering fluid was low? But it could be more serious? All the garages in my area are closed until Monday and I don't have access to an extra vehicle before then.

When I drove home after work I didn't notice the clicking in the steering at all. But I am planning a 6 hour drive next week and I don't want to set off and have something go out while I'm on the highway or anything.

Thoughts? When I bring it to the garage on Monday I'd like to have an idea of what could be wrong with it... Does it just sound like the fluid or something more serious?

I've never had a major issue with it so I kind of feel like it's due for one lol


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  • That is a lot of Miles lol, suprised it has went for that long.

    Fist check power steering fluid level and make sure it's near the "full" level.
    The way you describe it, it does look your your power steering is going. So #1 check the fluid level of your power steering. This is the the thing for your exact truck. If that is ok then it could well be your power steering pump is done for. Cause as you describe.. you could need a new power steering p[ump


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  • you dont need to take it to a garage to check power steering fluid, all you have to do is open the hood and locate the power steering reservoir labeled with white or yellow letters saying "power steering" and untwist and remove the cap and look at the short dip stick and note if there's any fluid between the fill and full mark as you would with oil and transmission fluid. plus many vehicles now have electric power steering and seems like that could be failing or a steering joint could be worn out or the turn signal shut off switch could be binding too.

  • Check the power steering fluid level first. Should be filled near the top of the lid. If not, fill it up. You can burn out the pump with low fluid.
    It also sounds like the pump may be going bad anyways. Fords of this era are known to have power steering pump issues. If so, order a remanufactured pump and have a mechanic install it for you.

  • Better pump up them biceps if you wanna take a loooong drive with that vehicle as it is right now. It is most certainly the power steering that has gone south.

    • If it goes out completely... is it still driveable?
      How much does it cost to fix?
      I have access to another vehicle on Monday but not before... think it'll last me till then?

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    • All I need it to do is to get me to and from work one last time. I'm off tomorrow. I can just drop it off at the mechanic tomorrow AM and walk home. Fingers crossed that that works 'cause that's the only choice I have right now :/

    • I hope your engine blows up in the middle of the road :D

      j/k, buona fortuna :)

  • Sounds like your power steering pump shit the bed

  • Sounds like the power steering.


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