How do you cope with being below average in EVERYTHING in life?

There's always lots of talk about loving yourself and look at your strengths and so on and I gotta admit I'm having difficulties.

Aside from being a decent cook and 6'0, I'm below average in everything else in life... Whether it's face, body, personality, humour, social skills, experiences, hygiene, intelligence, my job compared to my colleagues, strength, willpower and so on...

Like, any course I take, whether it's martial arts, math, dancing or theatre, I'm always the worst. In even areas where I've kept going like working out for 3 years, I'm still at entry level strength and muscle, my form is still lacking and no matter how much muscle I'd put on, genetically my muscle insertions prevent me from looking anything above "below average". or how I've been video gaming my whole life but I'm still worthless at playing them.

It's especially rough from a relationship perspective, where my personality simply cannot make up for what my looks are lacking.

Is anyone else the same? How do you cope with this? I'm not saying this because of low self-confidence but rather, my confidence is low because after 25 years, I've never been above "below average" in anything ever...


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What Girls Said 2

  • you have above-average level of self-awareness
    you probably cook better than 90% of the US population
    i would ask for a critique of where your form is suffering and see where you can make improvements

  • Your writing skills are at an average/above average level!



What Guys Said 1

  • You're above average at being below average, so there's that. Chin up, now you're good at something!

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