I told my mother she was jealous of me and this was her reaction?

I told her at work there was this person who was sort of almost screaming in my face because I pointed out a mistake. It bordered on assault although thankfully there was no touching it was mostly just intimidation.

We saw a movie based on that. She was totally trying to get under my skin saying, "Please DON"T show me such movies, it was SO sad, every time you pick up the paper you see someone HIT someone." I knew this is her trying to use that incident against me. I told her flat out she was jealous of me because she had to go through disrespect her whole life and then she sees me being young.

Her reaction was to drive the car like a mad person I actually felt she might kill us.


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  • You were wrong there I think.

    • Not at all.

      I didn't sit next to her. Is that reason enough to use a possible ASSAULT situation against me, it is CRAZY the extent to which she is a petty jealous woman.

      Oh and the worst part? At the end when I told her she was jealous, she drove the car like a mad person I felt like I might actually die.

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  • What does you being young have to do with her reaction to abuse? If she's been abused during her childhood/early life, you can understand she might not want to see movies that being back those memories, which is understandable.
    You won't change your mother, sadly, but it's not clear why she 'tried to use the incident against you'; who decided to watch the movie, and why exactly?

    • She was not abused, she was just trying to irritate me because eI didn't sit next to her at the theatre.

      It was just a movie. I read the book. She asked me if we should go.

      I meant she is jealous of the fact that I'm younger have a different life and she just enjoys dragging me down because of it. Her reaction said it all

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    • Considering she made the effort of bringing you to the movie (couldn't you have gone there by yourself if you didn't want to be with her?), and sit through it after you decided you didn't want to sit with her, I'd say there are worse moms out there.
      Having issues with my own mother I do understand your position. But it's important you remain aware of when there truly is fault from her part and what's merely triggered by the circumstances.
      If everyone is angry, the situation always gets worse. It's not a question if who's right and who's wrong, but if who's got enough courage to bring the discussion back to reasonable level. I know this sounds exceedingly frustrating and besides the point. But you'll never win against your mother until you stop fighting. I took a long while to realize.

    • She went to the movie because my dad wanted her to go. He is paying for it anyway.

      If I didn't sit next to her, if anything she should be relieved. I am so mad and so tired of her, that there's no point in pretending to like each other anymore.

      It is one thing to be annoyed at someone and say something like yeah I enjoyed a bit of ME time for them to get the message. It is another thing to actually use an ASSAULT sort of situation against someone.

      That is so crazy... it is so so crazy it is almost sad.

      She was trying to make me feel as though you know the person who carried out the near assault didn't respect me as a woman or something so he did what he did. He did what he did because he is an asshole. Nothing more to it.

      I think even more than what that person did, it's HER behaviour that got to me. Who uses something so serious against someone over a bloody movie seat I swear to God

  • I don't see the connection in any of this..

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