Do you believe that people who are more educated than you can abuse their power with you?

I know sometimes people feel as though it could be a case of jealousy or envy which is why it's better to not speak about it. But it isn't really always that.

Sometimes I feel reluctant to be too friendly or close to someone who is more educated out of fear that they'll hurt me. They can use their power against you, and that's a reality.

I think if you roam around someone who is more your equal, you are in fact less likely to be hurt even if they DO end up hurting you because you know no one is better than the other.


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  • I disagree. I understand where you are coming from but being more educated is not as cut and dry and you're thinking. Some people are extremely book smart, but lack basic social skills and have no street smarts, while some people have street smarts but are not book smart. Surrounding yourself with like minded people doesn't allow you to grow intellectually or as a person. Socializing with people more educated than you may make you also more intelligent by learning from them. If anyone mocks their friend for being less educated than clearly they're not worth being your friend, and they're just a douche bag.

    • I agree on a lot of your points.

      Unfortunatley it's not even just friendships. It's people you have to deal with who may not really be friends with you.

      I think also it's not to say that someone who is less educated is incapable of acting badly much much moreso even.

      But the difference is that everyone realizes that person for what they are and it helps in you getting over their behaviour. Sometimes there are people who are well-schooled who are much better at hiding their actions and ill-treatment.

      I also think which I've recently picked up on, a lot of the times these people are well-aware that hte lesser educated person is in awe of them, and have a complex about themselves.

      So they use the fact that the other person is in awe of them being able to do something they themsevles couldnt' do (more school for example) against that person because they know they can get away with it

    • Yeah I feel you. What I think is that no matter what, these people are just looking to put people down, and if it werent education, they would find something else to put someone else down and make themselves feel better. Ultimately, I'd hope to avoid anyone like this as they are narcissistic as hell and wouldn't be a positive influence on anyone haha

  • This inferiority is all in your head. People aren't sorted by their level of education. What power are you talking about?

    • Young people are because they are yet to establish careers.

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  • It doesn't matter how long someone has gone to school. YOU are the one who let's people control you. They can't do anything to you if you don't let them.

    It also sounds like you're holding yourself back by limiting your experiences.

    • I have noticed that people who are more educated than the average person for example, know that they can get away with treating someone badly.

      Now not to say that a person who is less educated is not capable of doing that, more so I believe, but the difference is that when others come to know no one ever sides with them because they don't have power.

      Do I believe an educated person like a lawyer for example is capable of being a bad person fo course the whole profession deals with so much murkiness it's almost bizarre to believe they're naive.

      Interestingly those kind of people are put on a pedestal. I understand it, it's not easy to go through intense years of law school and practice a profession with demanding hours. But that doesn't mean they're good people.

    • This is still you letting someone else hove power over you. Like if someone else is being a bitch to you just be like "okay bye" and then be done with it. And then you can take legal measures if it continues from there.

      Is sounds like you have some pretty specific experiences that you should probably discuss with a professional as well.