How to lighten the mood around my family?

Just in the last week or so I've really noticed hoe negative the energy in my family is. Lots of bickering and complaining. A bunch of negative Nancys. I don't want to flat out say hey guys if you keep this shit up I'm not going to make an effort in this family relationship, but I don't know how else to get the point across to them. I know if I said something like that they would team up against me and make it one mpre negative thing to feed off of. How can I go about making life more positive for us?


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  • There are two ways,

    Throw a party.. invite them and close friends.. good food, music, people. can't get better than that.

    Hold a family meeting , thats for very serious instances. explain your feelings and have everyone talk about what is bothering them , how they feel etc -- yup therapy session is in!

    If none of those work, move out.

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