Is it just me, or does everyone wants to work in entertainment/event industry?

i mean, when I was a student and then first entered the working world, I wanted to work in the finance industry because of the quick money. But after not getting a single job offer after sending tons of resume, my second choice was working in the events and entertainment industry.

I mean, is working in entertainment a no brainer or is it just me?

I mean, I think pretty much everyone hates "working" as in sitting in a cubicle and dealing with some products or industries that is just so dreadfully uninspiring and makes you want to kill yourself for working in that industry, basically any industries that has absolutely zero glamour.
(I mean, I had worked in the floor tiles and cement and logistics and even undergarment industries while I was trying to land a job in the entertainment event industry.)

But thankfully my duties at those shitty jobs gave me relevant experience that luckily and eventually landed me a job in the entertainment events industry. And boy am I grateful!!

But my question is, why wouldn't anyone want to work in this industry, when basically your work is not really work but just bringing fun and entertainment to people, rub shoulders with stars and artists, it's about as glamorous as it gets for a paying job except rock stars and athletes.
People come to our shows to get away from their everyday dreadful work life for god's sake!

What do you think? Do most people want to work in this industry or what?

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  • Maybe a few people but not all


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  • What do you do?

  • no i don't

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