How come it Seems Like Most Americans Don't want to Leave America to Visit Other countries Until They Leave America?

I met a lot of americans and I spoke to a lot of americans online.

The americans I meet, i have met in Asia and Europe. For example ones touring Europe will generally go to several locations. The ones I met in Asia were teaching English abroad and wouldn't want to stop at one year because they became obsessed with travelling around Asia on their breaks.

But, the americans I speak to online that haven't been outside the US, don't want to move or go anywhere else for travel or to live.


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  • For some, it sounds like a hassle. Everything they need is here, and other country are basically poor, rundown shitholes by comparison. Basically you pay a ton of money to look at poor people like you're going to a zoo to see monkeys when you travel abroad.

    • countries outside of america are all poor and rundown? can you give examples

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    • You assume I haven't been to any of them... I never said I hadn't, did I?

      Look, let's zero in on India again. Hygiene is awful. People crowd the streets, a rag the only property some of them have. They have legions of flies swarming over their bodies, and they just sit there as the flies cover them head to toe.

      The areas that aren't like that? Wealthy areas... where tourists usually go. But the second you travel outside of those, the squalor most people are living in is immediately apparent.

    • If you travalled to India, you dislike it because it's not like america? that's something i'm trying to get you to make more clear. When i travel, rather than stick myself in the comfort of a 5 star hotel, i like to stay at a hostel and indulge in the culture. I've been to india and it isn't like that at all.

      I prefer to personally get the real experience

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  • I would never consider moving out of my beloved country.
    However, I do enjoy traveling and hope to do a lot of it in the future.