Android VS iOS VS Windows which one is better?

People always tell me chose apple buy iphone the iOS is the best systeam for mobile phone , somehow I just think that android is more better and more easy to use, also easy to find & install the apps at google store, but yeah android systeam more slowly than the iOS and windows, As for speed I think windows is on the top for sure, Many people using iphone so there is no doubt about it, but I still want to hear your opinion about all these systeam for the mobile phone, to you which one is better?

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  • I had an android phone first and liked the amount of apps that I got but generally, I found that my phone glitched quite a lot and the internet was really slow. I didn't particularly like the way it looked either.

    I then went on to Windows and did think the internet worked better but I hated the way it looked and it had a really small amount of apps and a lot of the ones that were there had been abandoned by whoever was developing them.

    I have now got an iPhone 5 and I think that aesthetically, it's better than both the windows and the android, mine tends to run pretty well (maybe not as good as the windows but better than the android) and the apps are pretty awesome. My favourite so far has been the iphone though I do think that if windows had more apps and maybe a nicer looking interface, it could be better.

    • What is your andorid system version? 4.4/5.0/6.0? I know the old android version it really glitch, and yeah the network is shit for android, but at least still have a lot of apps can use.
      Wiindows is really smooth and good to use, now it have more apps can use, it will take a few years to develop and improve then will be the best even better than iphone, before that I have to agree with you, iOS is the best for now, but did you ever feel iphone always so small? unless you buy the iphone 6 plus.

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What Girls Said 2

  • IOS i is better I had an android and a windows phone before and they're really bad

  • Had a windows phone for a while, loved the interface, the camera was fantastic at the time, the hardware was really solid, the problem... no apps. If they had the same apps i'd gladly get another one. Switched to an android for a while, solved the apps problem but i had a number of weird bugs... i generally had to uninstall and reinstall an app about once every 4-6 weeks, the phone would randomly quit working where i'd have to remove the battery and reboot, not often, but way more often than my windows phone did. I bought a 6s plus a few months back, it functions more reliably than my android did, i like the look and feel of the way ios works (but i liked windows better) and i have all the apps i want, so i'll be sticking with apple i guess.


What Guys Said 3

  • They all have advantages and disadvantages. I'm a fan of Android but that's what I started with. I'd suggest you go to a phone store and play with each operating system to see what's most intuitive for you.

    • Actually I already know what is the best system for me, I'm a Android user, even people telling me appl more better, but I still like Android more, only one reason, cuz you can get more apps to use. IOS it's a good system for sure, just not for me for now.

    • You're right: that's a huge advantage of Android's.

  • im weird.. when it comes to a phone, i always choose apple.. i hate other phones.. but for my laptop and desk top, i LOVE windows

    • That's not weird man, it totally normal, because windows more better for desk PC and Laptop, maybe you're brainwashed by Jobs. lol

    • lol it is quiet possible

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