How shall I start talking to him?

I am friends with this cute guy on fb, but I have never spoken to him as far as I remember, on fb we are friends cause of mutuals and he was my junior in school, but now I find him cute. He has liked my few pictures and recently I liked his profile picture, I am too shy. So anyways just day before yesterday I realised he has added me on Snapchat since when, cause he saw my story and so I added him back too. Now I am too shy to start the conversation, how to start talking to him?

Please can you answer?


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  • You could say anything really; just initiating a conversation goes a huge way. Ask how his day is going or search online for pickup lines for guys as some of these are funny and will show that you are really interested. For example, one I like which works for girls and guys: "Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me". Or ask or mention something about his story to get started.


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  • Begin a Beguine on Facebook and Snap. Start with a "Hi," some Thanks and all.
    You Snooze you will Lose if you don't "Like" something. He seems to be Liking you Here, dear.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I'll say the same thing I said on your other post - ask him if he liked your story

  • Why don't you ask him how he liked your story?

    • But I don't even know him, I haven't even spoken to him ever.

    • Do it on FB

    • I don't want to ask him about my Snapchat story, I think that's kinda friend stuff and he isn't even my friend yet? -any other idea?

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