How should I hand in my resignation? Should I bother emailing them?

I was an intern somewhere. There were no real standards, I didn't even receive a basic sheet telling me what to expect from the job.

On Friday the 'boss's behaviour bordered on verbally abusive. I walked out of there. I think he realized I might not return because he said thank you for your hard work (this was only after I took a break to excuse myself) and didn't say see you on Tuesday.

I'm not sure if I should email them, or the matter is closed.


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  • Go in and resign - You may need a reference from them someday

  • Tell him you're not coming back and why in a constructive criticism format.

    Interns get shat on all the time, but from the sounds of it you can find something better. It's not like they're paying you to get yelled at. You're there on your free time.

  • what kind of job was it?

    • It was an internship but there was no contract. When I asked to see a copy they said simce it was a volunteer position therew as no contract.

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    • My parents are rich.

    • then why you bother having a job? just find a sexy male and enjoy life

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