This has been the angriest I've ever felt in my entire life?

I'm a senior in college this year, and am planning on applying to graduate school next year. I'm majoring in Biomedical Engineering and made the (apparently fucking dumb) decision to finish a minor in chemistry. I aced both Orgo classes last year, and just had two biochem classes left. The teacher for the first seemed good and all, until the first exam. Got a 78 on that, class average was a 71. Fucking hard. This kept happening, the tests were borderline unfair. He kept asking questions that were like "Circle all that are FALSE" and there's like 10 questions that are extremely specific, that he never talked about in class, and weren't really in the book either. Instead of asking us to write about what we know, he asked us bullshit true/false or multiple choice questions instead. He didn't curve at all, I ended up with a fucking 79 and he didn't bump me. First C ever. Killed my GPA. Went from a 3.91 to a 3.85. Apparently he likes giving people Cs, seeing how I was above the class average as well. If I didn't decided to finish the fucking minor, this never would have happened. I feel like such a dumbass. Of course, while I decided to struggle academically for the first time in my life, I asked a girl to come hang out at my apartment last week. She said that she would come over around 3 o'clock, and she just never showed up. This has been the 3rd time this has happened. Nothing is going right in my life right now. I just want to sleep forever. Nothing is making me happy, no matter how hard I try with certain things they just don't work out. I don't even know anymore


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  • Man I would have complained to the teacher. I had this once and I discussed this after the exam, and some questions ended up not counting resulting in another free exam attempt. His problem was that he wasn't the one who made the exam, which tricked us into learning stuff that wasn't even going to get asked in the first place.
    And that girl is worthless, let her go.

    • This was the case with pretty much all of the exams though. It was vaguely on the content he told us to know. But he told us to know one specific pathway forwards and backwards and that was going to be the majority of the test. So I knew it, and that only ended up being about 20% of the test. The guy doesn't know how to make exams, or keep his fucking word for that matter. And it's not just this one girl, it's her and a couple of others. Sorry I didn't make that clear. Apparently I'm no longer smart, and can't get a girlfriend either. YAY me!

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    • Wow lucky you guys. We don't get to do that. Our professor definitely made our tests. Another thing that irks me is that last year the cutoffs were 75-85 for a B, and 85+ for an A. He made them 80-90 for a B and 90+ this year because "too many people were getting As." So basically if I took the class last year I would've gotten a B. Just my fucking luck. I think God hates me for some reason, maybe I should just off myself at this point

    • I really don't call it lucky, It's so much extra work. Just because they ask questions that we've never seen before

  • Dont be so hard on yourself... it happens to all of us to have bad periods where nothing goes as we wish... dont forget that there is always a light at the end of the tunnel...😊


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  • 1. the issue regarding your class. the dip in your gpa is not that big of a deal. i know it's frustrating but the difference of.6 on your gpa really isn't that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things. i guarantee that most grad schools are not going to discount you because of it. also when you write essays for applications you could discuss that specific course. how it was difficult but how that challenge was really informative in terms of life

    2. the girl situation. you know the saying, "fool me once. shame on you. fool me twice, shame on me"? well apply this here. clearly this girl is a flake so stop waiting on her

    ... take a step back and put it all in perspective. do some things that are fun and will take your mind off of all the crap

    • I sure hope so. If I don't get into the grad school I plan on applying to, I'm going to be pretty upset, and this dip in GPA might be the first thing I blame it on. And yeah it was actually more than one girl as well, so that's not good

    • oh different girls. well that is annoying.

    • I just want to be done with undergrad so I can get past this dark mark, and start with a new GPA. And yeah gotta love girls who can't just say no and decide to do that to you instead. It's like they're actually satan or something. I'm done with all of that for the foreseeable future. All they are to me right now is a huge distraction and/or a good jab into my heart. Thankfully I'm not a glutton for punishment, so that's not happening anymore.